Everything you need to know about Labbani Brothers Co.

A group of Labbanis brothers with thirty-six years of experience in designing and producing teaching aids including microscopes, telescopes, planetariums (skyscrapers) to simulate the night sky, producing intellectual toys for the Center for the Development of Children and Adolescents in the 90s and early It was active in the eighties. After that, due to the needs of the country, from 2003 to 2011, it started to manufacture and produce smartphone cards, Irancell SIM cards, and Irancell packaging packs, which, along with high technology, enabled this collection to have a massive circulation of one million cards per night. The day proved by using Swiss Netstal injection machines and German KrausMaffei. Other products in this collection include plastic parts for the operating room anesthesia set, surgical knife body, volumes of Italian-licensed stoves, plastic parts for attendance watches, sunglasses lenses, license plate motion sensor lenses, and Barcode identification of livestock and etc pointed.

In the meantime, using the existing capacities, he tried to work in the field of making molds and producing disposable containers for airlines, as well as dairy and ice cream containers of companies such as Domino, Pakban, etc. After that, in 1390, it has focused its activities in designing and manufacturing beverage door molds and equipping door production machines, which for the first time in Iran has succeeded in making this type of molds at the European standard level, and still, only The complex is inside with this capability and technology and is currently present in the market of mineral water and carbonated drinks with three high-consumption models of water and beverage doors.

Due to the complexity of manufacturing door molds that are usually made in industrialized countries and the consumption of its parts in the production process of active units in Iran, in the long run, are not able to maintain the original quality. The molds are made with Iranian facilities and European quality, and in terms of parts and equipment, relying on internal power, there is no problem, and the production doors have the same quality in the long run.

Other capabilities of this group include support, manufacturing of spare parts and repairs of modern European molds in the face of sanctions. For example, companies such as Schottli, Corvaglia, Otto-Hofstetter in Switzerland can be mentioned in the Lebanese Brothers collection of repairs These molds are owned by large companies in Iran such as Damavand Mineral Water or Lacan Plastic Industries.
It should be noted that due to long-term goals in entering the international market, this collection has participated in numerous domestic and foreign international exhibitions such as Eurasia Plast in Istanbul, Turkey and K in Düsseldorf, Germany. 2019 has received an invitation from Kazakhstan Plast Exhibition to attend and have a booth.

Also in recent years, due to the very high quality of products such as bottle caps and food containers, design and manufacture of quality plastic molds at the international level, the managers of this collection decided to participate in international exhibitions regularly and have a booth there. Export of products and molds are taken.