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Labbani Brothers Company provides comprehensive support, from consultancy to design and instruction right through to provide qualified after-sales support.

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Application Technology

In order to apply our theoretical intelligence to practical processes, each mold is subjected to an extensive validation process. The molds are only accepted and shipped if all sample specimens achieve the specified requirements and the optimum injection molding process for these parts has been defined.



Engineering is at the heart of our Labbani Brothers mold-making facility. According to our philosophy of human-driven technology, our engineering team applies their experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to creating unique solutions. This is where innovative specialists with a pioneering spirit and ideas are working with state-of-the-art tools for rheological, thermal, and mechanical analysis and process simulation. This way we can improve our molds’ precision, efficiency, and service life.



All our procedures are defined by end-to-end quality management, state-of-the-art machinery, and a team of experienced professionals with excellent qualifications, many years of mold engineering experience, and a staunch commitment to our corporate philosophy of human-driven technology.


Unique Design

The molds for your orders are manufactured at our updated facilities in a high quality documented in our activity pattern.

Our Team’s Ability

They are committed to all levels of their work, from design to implementation Moulds, to produce the goods.  They have been taught to be versatile for many years. As well as They have the work ethic with other employees through the work time

Sales Service

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State_Of_The_Art Mold Engineering

We want you to benefit every time every where: from optimum quality and precision, superior technologies, short delivery times, and high delivery reliability, all of which translate into a high cost-efficiency.

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